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Experience the heart-pounding action of The Isle, a multiplayer horror game where survival is paramount. Assume the role of a dinosaur and claw your way to dominance as the apex predator. Navigate a prehistoric ecosystem, collaborate with fellow players, and fend off threats to ensure your survival. With three distinct game modes—Progression, Survival, and Sandbox—every gameplay experience is unique.

In Progression mode, begin as a small creature and strive to evolve into the fearsome Tyrannosaurus.

Survival mode offers instant access to all dinosaurs, empowering you to utilize their full potential in the quest for survival. Utilize our ESP feature to locate vital resources and expedite your progress.

Sandbox mode grants unlimited freedom to explore and experiment with unlocked dinosaurs in your personalized world.

With over 30 dinosaur species and ongoing updates, The Isle promises endless excitement and challenges.

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  • The Isle Aimbot: Gain a competitive edge with precise aim assistance, ensuring accurate strikes in melee combat.
  • The Isle ESP/Wallhack: Enhance your awareness with a comprehensive view of your surroundings, including player names, species, distances, and more.
  • The Isle Radar Hack: Scout ahead with a customizable radar that provides invaluable insight into enemy locations and resources.
  • Miscellaneous Features: Enjoy infinite stamina, ambush mode, instant disconnect, and unlock all dinosaurs to dominate the game effortlessly.


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